The Pentagrammaton of Eliphas Levi


The Spirit of God moved upon the waters, and breathed into the face of man the breath of life. Let Michael be my leader, and Sabtabiel my servant, in light and by light.

Let the Verb be my breath, and I will command the spirits of air thereby, and I will bridle the horses of the Sun with the will of my heart, and the thoughts of my mind and the commandment of my right eye.

I therefore exorcise thee, creature of air by Pentagrammaton and in the name of Tetragrammaton, in which is firm will and true faith. Amen, Selah, Fiat, so mote it be.)

Prayer of the Sylphs:

Spirit of light, spirit of wisdom, whose breath gives and takes away the form of all things; you before whom the life of beings is a shadow which changes and a vapor which passes; you who raise the clouds and who walks on the wings of the winds; you who exhale, and then the space without end is peopled; you who inhale, and then all which comes from you goes back to you.

Movement without end in eternal stability, be eternally blessed. We praise you and we bless you in the ever-changing empire of the created light, of shadows, of reflections, and of images, and we aspire ceaselessly to your immutable and imperishable clarity.

Allow the ray of your intelligence and the warmth of your love to penetrate all the way to us: then that which is mobile shall be fixed, the shadow shall be a body, the spirit of air shall be a soul, the dream will be a reality. And we will never again be carried away by the storm, because we will hold the bridles of the winged horses of dawn and will rule the race of the night winds to fly to your presence.

O Creator, breath of all beings! In the flow and reflow of your Eternal Word, that is the Divine Ocean of Movement, Protect us! Be it so!

Reconsidering the Kabbalistic Cross | Ceremonial Magick Musings


Taking a page from Augoeides, I got it in my head that maybe we could apply dramatic ritual to other things. One of the more obvious things is both the Kabbalistic Cross and the use of the steps an…

Source: Reconsidering the Kabbalistic Cross | Ceremonial Magick Musings

Gleamings from the Golden Dawn: Sealing the directions using IAO (reblogged from Nick Farrell)



Nick Farrell wrote: For a while I wondered why in the Sepher Yetzirah it refers to God by the name יהו instead of the more traditional tetragrammaton. This might be because the writer was using the name in Greek IAΩ. This name was the name given to the Tetragrammaton in the Greek translation of the Old Testament but was also a name given to Jupiter and was a mystical cry in the mystery rites. IAΩ was the letters of the sun, moon and Saturn in Greece, but it was also the first, middle and last letters of the alphabet. Translating it back into the original Greek it starts to make sense in that context. …

Source: Gleamings from the Golden Dawn: Sealing the directions using IAO (reblogged from Nick Farrell)

Tarot Divination – Reflections for the Week of February 5, 2017

This is a Kabbalistic Circle Spread used for divinatory purposes only.  Its function is to examine the potential karmic repercussions of an anticipated action.  The way this spread is read is from the center Significator card, then the card above it (Air), then to its immediate right (Fire), then to the card immediately below it (Water), then to the card on its immediate left (Earth) … all of which represents the microprosopus, or what is at the heart of the query.  Then, examininng the macroprosopus elements swirling around the center of the inquiry (Significator), you continue with the card in the upper lefthand quadrant (Air of Earth), then to the next upper righthand quadrant (Fire of Air), then to the lower righthand quadrant (Water of Fire), then finally to the lower lefthand quadrant (Earth of Water).  The card farthest to the left represents a responsive answer to the query about the present situation.

For the Week of February 5, 2017


This is the position that represents the adornment of Divine Beauty of Spirit, the gift or reward of Balance for the Querant’s efforts bestowed upon the Self.

It is appropriate that the Sun card appeared, however, today it showed up reversed, indicating a lack of clarity or when the Querant is feeling dim.  Are you having trouble shining?  You may be afraid of attention or of letting your true nature show.  You may be uncomfortable with praise and compliments.  You might be unable to shake off worry and doubt and enjoy a good time.  Try to get at the upright quality of being present and being proud of the divine and unique self you are.   This card can also indicate too much of a good thing.  You may be helping others all over the place, but you are not taking care of your own needs.  Burnout is a big risk.  Or, you may be feeling the consequences of having a good time:  sunburn, hangover, or an empty wallet.  Be reminded about the value of moderation.  You might be in a fog of delusion.  You may be being deceived or only getting half truths from someone.  You could be deceiving yourself by seeing only what you want to see.  This card also indicates self-centeredness, as in “acting like the Sun revolves around you”.  Be sure to give credit where it is due and remember that the needs and wants of others are just as important as your own.  You may be feeling good about yourself, but beware of appearing to be a braggart or show-off.  Finallly, the Sun reversed can indicate delays and setbacks due to bad weather.  Create a back-up plan in case of clouds and rain today.


This is the position that represents your creative potential, as ruled by Air. It represents what the Querant has the potential to create in life.

The Moon is a card of darkness, that is, focused on the unconscious or subconscious mind, dreams, intuition and the like.  Most appropriate today, as the present half-moon just passed from Pisces and into Gemini.  Now is the time to pay attention to your intuition and dreams.  What do your deepest feelings tell you about your current situation?  What are you most afraid of right now?  Sometimes the most profound growth is found in facing our deepest fears.  You may be hiding something from others or yourself.  Someone may also be hiding something from you, contributing to the confusion and fear you’re feeling.  The Moon advises us to go within to seek better understanding before taking action.  It may be wise to keep some things hidden for now.  This card also represents natural cycles, such as menstruation and the changing of the seasons.  How appropriate, since we just observed Imbolc on February 2nd as the first day of Spring.


This is the position that represents the Querant’s ability to implement dreams as plans of action.

Here, the Wheel of Fortune reminds us that change is inevitable.  However thingsare now, they will most definitely not stay the same forever.  We don’t always have control over what life sets in our path, but we can decide how we respond.  Try not to get too attached to one way of being.  Don’t try to control everything; you can’t. The Wheel advises you to center yourself so that you can stay calm and make good decisions when your world seems like it is spinning out of control.  If you’ve been down on your luck, it is quite likely that the Wheel of Fortune is indicating a change for the better.


This is the position that represents the depths of emotion and feeling as reflections of the Querant’s family, culture and past lives.

The Justice card in this position indicates that actions will have fair consequences.  Everything will fall into place just as it is meant to be.  The truth will catch up with liars and cheaters.  Responsible people will be fairly compensated.  It is time to think logically.  Don’t let your emotions overwhelm your decisions.  It may be helpful to list the pros and cons of a potential decision.  Perhaps you are presently involved in a legal action or court case.  Justice will likely prevail.  If you’ve been feeling out of balance, take time now to find your center.


This is the nature of an obstacle that the Querant must overcome in order to reach his/her fullest potential.

The Magician indicates that you have the potential to make things happen.  The key to taking control of your life is to have a vision and then take action to make it happen.  Intention and action are both required.  When your intentions and actions are aligned, real magic happens!  Start gathering the resources you need to meet your goals.  The universe is empowering you to manifest your vision.  Take advantage of this opportunity by staying focused on your goals and applying your power!

Air of Earth

This is the position that represents what the Querant perceives about the Self.  It can be a belief that limits the Querant’s true potential.

When the Hierophant appears, it is time to examine one’s beliefs.  You may have an opportunity to teach someone something about life.  Will your teachingsbe flexible so that your student can integrate them into their own life, or are your beliefs rigid and dogmatic?  Who or what has been your teacher?  Do the lessons you’ve learned serve you well now, or is it time to seek a new teacher?  Are you making a decision based on what you believe you “should” do, or are you tuned into your higher calling?

Fire of Air

This position represents influences that assist in the active creation of planned actions that accomplish what the Querant is currently creating.

Temperance is about integration and finding balance.  Now is a time for adjustment.  Two or more things are coming together to create something new.  You may be integrating your life with someone else’s, integrating your work and home lives, or integrating spirituality into your everyday life.  Whatever project you are working on, be sure to change a little, then step back and assess the results.  Like a scientist, change one variable at a time, and then see what happens.  Find your balance before moving forward.  Use your emotions and be practical, too. In a situation with another person, compromise will be necessary.  If you’ve been feeling off-kilter, seek balance between work and play, feeling and doing.

Water of Fire

This position represents the emotional drive motivating the Querant to move towards his or her fullest potential.

Judgment is a card of drastic change, release and review.  your current phase of life is coming to an end.  Now it is time to look objectively at what has come before.  In which ways did you succeed?  Where did you fail?  What big lessons have you learnt?  Life cannot stay as it is.  Change is unavoidable.  You will benefit now by being accountable for your choices and behaviour.  Be honest with yourself.  Tune into your higher calling to learn where to go next. Pay attention to the big ideas you have now.  They are not just impossible dreams.

Earth of Water

This position relates to the belief or attitude that motivates the Querant towards his or her fullest potential.

The Hermit indicates a need or desire to withdraw from the world.  He is a wise old man who has learned much about himself and his world through deep introspection and meditation.  When The Hermit appears in a reading, your soul may be craving a retreat in order to replenish and restore.  By taking space and solitudenow, you will be ready to engage with and guide others when they most need you later on.  The answers you seek will be found within you, not in any book or on any website.  The Hermit may also be advising you to seek the guidance of a wise counselor or mentor.

Potential Outcome

This position indicates the material reality the Querant will manifest from the contemplated action.

The Hanged Man is a card of patience, contemplation and sacrifice.  The greatest benefit will be had when you are able to let go  Don’t try to control the present situation  Try to make peace with uncertainty.  Take time to observe your environment and situation from a new perspective.  Review what has come before.  Notice the blessings that come out of hardship.  It is a good time to look at past Tarot readings and journal writings in the new light of the present.  A sacrifice may be required now in order to move forward.  Now is the time to get in touch with the spiritual aspects of yourself.

A Magician – by Éliphas Lévi


“He looks on the wicked as invalids whom one must pity and cure; the world, with its errors and vices, is to him God’s hospital, and he wishes to serve in it.”

“They are without fears and without desires, dominated by no falsehood, sharing no error, loving without illusion, suffering without impatience, reposing in the quietude of eternal thought… a Magus cannot be ignorant, for magic implies superiority, mastership, majority, and majority signifies emancipation by knowledge. The Magus welcomes pleasure, accepts wealth, deserves honour, but is never the slave of one of them; he knows how to be poor, to abstain, and to suffer; he endures oblivion willingly because he is lord of his own happiness, and expects or fears nothing from the caprice of fortune. He can love without being beloved; he can create imperishable treasures, and exalt himself above the level of honours or the prizes of the lottery. He possesses that which he seeks, namely, profound peace. He regrets nothing which must end, but remembers with satisfaction that he has met with good in all. His hope is a certitude, for he knows that good is eternal and evil transitory. He enjoys solitude, but does not fly the society of man; he is a child with children, joyous with the young, staid with the old, patient with the foolish, happy with the wise. He smiles with all who smile, and mourns with all who weep; applauding strength, he is yet indulgent to weakness; offending no one, he has himself no need to pardon, for he never thinks himself offended; he pities those who misconceive him, and seeks an opportunity to serve them; by the force of kindness only does he avenge himself on the ungrateful …”

“Judge not; speak hardly at all; love and act.”
Éliphas Lévi