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Divination, Geomancy, and the Supernatural in Islamic Art

Over 100 rare objects from the 12th to 20th centuries are used to explore the role of the supernatural in Islamic art at the Ashmoleon Museum in Oxford.

Although it has manifested in ways that are manifold, the human belief in the supernatural is something that’s shared across cultures. At a time when misconceptions of Islam have fueled anxiety, such as in the recent US presidential campaign, an exhibition at the University of Oxford is examining the religion through the lens of astrology, divination, and other occult practices to bring to light something that’s universal to our history.  […]

Source: Divination, Geomancy, and the Supernatural in Islamic Art

The Magickal Use of the Sixteen Figures of Geomancy | Martin Goodson

The purpose of this essay is to introduce the sixteen figures of geomancy and suggest how they may be used for experimentation in sorcery enchantment and evocation. If the reader has come across them already it is probably in their function as a tool of divination. However any divinatory system is a language between the operator and the spirit world/god/guardian angel/deep mind etc. Just as the operator can enquire from the universe the outcome of events via a mediatory system of symbols s/he can also petition and request results using the same language.  […]

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Alchemy: Salt of the Tria Prima

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Maria the Jewess, a legendary alchemist of the first centuries ce, reputedly quoted that “One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth.” While the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) localized the axiom to the sphere of analytical psychology as symbolic recognition of the lifelong process of individuation or self-actualization, most esotericists and occultists have understood it as the cosmic schism initiated by […]

Decans: Astrology as related to the Tarot’s Minor Arcana

The small cards (Minor Arcana) two to ten in the suits are associated with the Decans. A Decan is a third of a Zodiac sign (ten degrees). [Some other occult sources use the term Face for them.] Each Decan has a sub-ruler that flavors that ten degrees, and is stronger when you find the planet there. The typical wording is “planet in sign,” but really should be “the ten degrees of the sign subruled by XYZ planet.”

There are two ways to assign the planetary subrulers to the Decans. The method used by Golden Dawn is based on the same pattern as the assignment of the planets to the Tree of Life sephiroth. The other method (sometimes called the Vedic method) is based on the element of the sign and the rulers of the other two signs of the same element; this alternative method is actually easier to figure out in your head. Due to Golden Dawn choosing the harder method, it helps the reader if the astrological symbols are on the cards to remind the reader of the card’s assignment.

So how is the decan used in readings? Besides being one of several layers that make up a card (others being Number, Colors, Sephiroth, etc.), one can use it to determine timing (this event will occur while the Sun is in this ten degrees of the Zodiac), and also the placement of planets when one does readings based on the planets.

E.g., in a Planetary-based reading, the first card pulled would be the position of the Rising Sign, the second would be the position of the Sun, the third would be the position of the Moon, etc.