THE KEYS TO KABBALAH – Part 1 | Alan Bain

The teachings of the Kabbalah form an integral part of the so-called Hermetic tradition (encompassing areas of study such as kabbalah, tarot, alchemy, astrology, etc.). This tradition has long been an influential factor behind the scenes in Western civilization and is currently gaining ground and getting the attention it deserves.

It seemed a good idea to me to make Dr. Bain’s research on the Kaballah available to the student in this field, especially since his work contains valuable new insights pertaining to the tree of life in relation to the 21 stages and 32 paths of wisdom, culminating in his diagram called “Jacob’s ladder“. […]

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Enochian Tablets – Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School

Enochian Tablets Enochiana is the crowning jewel of the Traditional Golden Dawn System of Magic. The elemental tablets depicted here constitute only a small portion of the Enochian System of our Order. The student will note that there are a variety of tablets seen in various books and websites. Our Order teaches the classical system as extracted by Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly codified by S.L. MacGregor Mathers (G.H. Frater D.D.C.F.). The student will quickly note that some…  […]

Source: Enochian Tablets – Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School

1=10 | Mystical Details About The Four Worlds

Kabbalists view the Tree of Life as acting through four worlds, which form a hierarchy of their own. Just as from Kether to Malkuth there is a successive movement from the abstract to the manifest, so there is in the Kabbalistic worlds from Atziluth to Assiah. The worlds can be expressed through a single Tree or as a series of Trees, with Malkuth in one world being Kether of the next.  […]

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House of Thoth | Court of Amen

Starting in Senate (Senet or Zenet) – The EMBARKATION – ONE- Mansion of the Ibis

Thoth leads us by hand onto the Bark and registers our names. We will play with the Gods and Goddesses, fight alongside the Great Ones, and even sometimes lead them. We will sail with the Holy Mariners on their Bark of Eternity. “Free-movement” is also the object of strategy and tactics in Zenet; and is combined with the spiritual freedom of our bA soul (House 10) being able to travel where it wills, unheeded. The “passing” or passage” represented in Zenet is the passage of our bA through this life, and beyond through the duat, corollated by the final series of five squares. Our own fingers unite with causing the auspicious piece moves indivated the deity fingers as we gain their patronage, towing our solar bark, avoiding pitfalls, towards victory.   […]

Source: Court of Amen

Cross symbolism in the Golden Dawn |  by G.H. Frater S.R.

One of the very first symbols that meets the candidate on a conscious level during his or her admission into the Order of the Golden Dawn (in the Outer) is the Red Cross surmounted over a White Triangle, positioned upon the black double cubical altar. Being blindfolded the candidate places his or her hand upon this highly significant symbol during the obligation of the Neophyte. Some moments later, during the circumambulations and purifications of the candidate, he or she meets this symbol again but now with the Red Cross placed inside the White Triangle as born upon the Banner of the West. In either case this symbolism of the Red Calvary Cross and the White Triangle is emblematic of the Outer Order, or the First Order called the “Golden Dawn”. […]

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Addendum to the Cross symbolism in the Golden Dawn: The formulae of L.V.X. in the Neophyte and Adeptus Minor Grades | by GH Frater S.R.




Addendum to the Cross symbolism in the Golden Dawn: The formulae of L.V.X. in the Neophyte and Adeptus Minor Grades

by GH Frater S.R.

In my previous essay on the cross symbolism in the Golden Dawn my main point were that the principle of the redeemer or saviour (Christ Force) through this cross symbolism as contained in the Neophyte 0°=0° Grade of the Golden Dawn (First Order) foreshadows the same in the Adeptus Minor 5°=6° Grade of the Ordo Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis (Second Order).   […]  Read more:  click here

The Queen Scale Colors on the Tree of Life

Most of us are more familiar with the colors of the rainbow than the light and pigment colors. The rainbow has seven colors (including indigo or blue-violet as a color). In this diagram, being a mixture of blue and violet, indigo is not given a separate circle.

We are also familiar from water colors and transparent inks with mixing all colors from red, yellow and blue. Those are the colors of ink in most home printers. Red and yellow make orange. Yellow and blue make green. Blue and red make violet.

In this system, red, yellow and blue are the primary colors. Mixing them produces the secondary colors orange, green and violet. Mixing the secondary colors does not yield the primary colors but rather the earth colors. Green and violet make olive. Orange and green make citrine. Violet and orange make russet. Mixing the three earth colors yields black (or a brownish black).

This system is visually displayed in the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

Note that the supernals are the three non-colors: white, grey and black.

The next triad consists of the three primary colors, blue, red and yellow.

The next triad colors are generated by mixing the three primary colors. Blue and red mix to form violet. Note that the spheres with these three colors (4,5 and 9) form a big equalateral triangle. Blue and yellow make green. Note that these spheres form a smaller equilateral triangle (4,6 and 7). Red and yellow form orange – also a small equilateral triangle (5, 6 and 8).

Mixing the secondary colors yields the earth colors of sphere 10, Malkuth, the Kingdom. Mixing green and orange yields the citrine color at the top of sphere 10. Mixing green and violet gives the olive color on the right of sphere 10. Mixing orange and violet yields russet as on the left of sphere 10. Mixing all three – green, orange and violet – yields black pictured at the bottom of sphere 10.

This progression from non-colors to primary colors, mixed to form the secondary colors, mixed to form the earth colors, mixed to yield black yields much in meditation and other work upon the Tree of Life.

Kabbalah Concept-Part II:  The Sephiroth | Deborah Sexton

I am presenting the simple concepts so you can understand the secret, and complex ones.

Kabbalah plunges into these secrets and pulls their depths into the open. It provides metaphor, parable, understanding. It shines light and opens our eyes. It inspires and guides us to use this wisdom for healing and growth in everyday life. That is why the experience of learning Kabbalah is one of “Yes! I knew that truth all along! My heart knew, but my mouth was unable to speak it!” The truths of the Kabbalah belong to every sentient being.  […]

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Kabbalah Concept-Part 1: Physical Manifestation | Deborah Sexton

Most people have heard something or other about Kabbalah. But it is highly unlikely that what is going around in the general marketplace posing as the Kabbalah is anywhere close to the real thing. What most people have been exposed to is a smorgasbord of pop psychology and self-help that pretends to have some connection to Jewish mysticism, but it rarely, if ever, does.  […]

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