Who made us, Lucifer or God? Ancient Sumerian Tablet, Predates Bible Uncovers Humanities Creator





These are the basics you anticipate when going into a demanding situation or anytime you need to be assertive these things trigger the mind into perhaps thinking what it should not or thinking what you want it to think

So be aware…

COLOR: colors in your life can affect you and your way of thinking

Yellow for example can bring to mind cheerfulness

Red may trigger fear or danger

Purple wealth

So it becomes only sensible to use colors or wear certain colors that will bring forward what you want to expel from your being

Actually color is one of the most powerful Mind Trigger so keep that in mind the next time you want to impress someone

FLAVOR: flavors trigger your emotions

Bitter tastes correlate with loss

Sweet with love and home

Pungent with fear and insecurity

Let’s keep it in “mind” the next time you…

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Weekly Tarot Guidance for the week of March 19 through 25, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

This is a pivotal week, as we begin the astrological New Year with the Sun’s entrance into the sign of Aries at the time of the Vernal Equinox. More than the weather is shifting now; we are entering a season of change, leading to one of the biggest transformations of your life. To reconnect with my Weekly and Love and Finance Tarot Guidance, you can go to:

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Mars in Capricorn-angry horny sex

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Mars Saturn Conjunction Tara Greene

Mars- the red warrior planet/God, undisputed macho ruler, enters the Corporate sign in a business suit where he is an Exalted  Capricorn board member March 17  going OUT OF BOUNDS!

Mars will stir up volatile passion and anger while “OOB. ” Mars stays wild untamable and in spontaneous combustion mode until April 7th staying in Cappy until MAy 15th/16th.

Capricorn is a lusty old goat sign anyways as this is the ancient PAGAN goat hoofed horned God PAN, the masculine Fertilizing energy of nature, which the Catholic church made into the DEVIL. The Card #15 in the Tarot the opposite of The Lovers #6. It can indicate “lust at first sight” energy.

Saturn =Satan who is the Devil, rules Capricorn. The two planets are in very strong positions. Saturn is at home and Mars is exalted. This is two devils in cahoots at the top of the power chain. Better…

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Famous Magicians: Francis Bacon

There is in Man the power and apprehension of all divination, and wonderful things, seeing we have a complete system in ourselves, therefore we are called Microcosm or little world, for we carry a heaven in ourselves from our beginning…
— Francis Barrett


Read the article:  Francis Barrett


Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mars in Capricorn – March 17 through May 16, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and you can put Mars’ energy to good use now. Take an even-keel approach to any challenges which may arise. You will be able to deem what is worthy and what is not worth your time, as you approach the next leg of your journey. Keep your movements steady, and do not jump to conclusions when faced with a choice. You have free will, and you are in charge of your ultimate fate.

At some point during this transit, there is a drastic change to what you have come to know. You will be moving on, leaving behind any nonsense, retaining all the good memories, and knowing that even if some of the change feels a bit chaotic it will bring a much-needed rebirth to your world.

Around mid-April, there will be additional energies at the time of the New Moon, which bring in transformation…

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SOUND ALCHEMY Documentary – Hermetic Sound Science – Egyptian Roots of Modern Sound Healing


On The Dark Night of the Soul – Joseph Campbell

“If we make the Path too easy by straight away explaining every point to the Neophyte, he does not acquire any merit, and, moreover, he would not be able to understand; no matter how many times his Teachers should patiently unravel the Laws by means of words. He who does not know error cannot appreciate Truth. And only the Mind itself can have conception of that which cannot be seen, heard, felt or spoken. But in order to obtain that wise conception there must first be a dwelling and searching in the dark of ignorance and pain: for those are the greatest teachers of all.”  – Joseph Campbell


On Hermetic Alchemy – James William Kaler

Are you interested in Alchemy? Ask yourself why! If you want to make gold to get rich, you have come to the wrong place. If you want to understand how you want to go the spiritual path to the perfection of you being, and the discovery of your divine being, then read on. But more important: practice it! What is alchemy? It has been such a controversial subject that even after so many centuries, few people have any insight in it. How alchemical symbolism started is a bit fuzzy, but it probably came from the Islamic empire that once stretched throughout Northern Africa and part of Spain. Laboratory alchemy was practiced in the Islamic culture. At a certain point European Philosophers started to use terms derived from chemistry to express their spiritual practices and their world view. In Europe the Catholic Church did not allow alternative practices. With a symbolic terminology, it would be more difficult for the Church to persecute those who deviated from the established Catholic dogmas. As time went by, alchemy was expressed widely, from chemistry, metallurgy, pottery, glass making, architecture etc. Basically it was a search to understand nature, the cosmos, man. Religious and scientific principles were not separated as it is now, because in past ages people realized that everything is connected. Some people say that laboratory alchemy was only early chemistry. They are right to a certain extent. By trial and effort alchemists found new chemical substances. But true laboratory alchemy starts where matter gets manipulated beyond mere chemical reactions. Transmutation into gold, for example, is possible, but not by mere chemistry. Those who have accomplished it, and verified by those present, were very few. An alchemist who was able to produce gold from other metals, was considered an advanced spiritual being who had achieved spiritual transformation first. Without spiritual insight into the hidden energies of nature, laboratory alchemy is a waste of time, unless one just keeps trying.

Philosophical alchemists are only interested in the spiritual side of the Great Work. The term “Philosophers” had a different meaning for the alchemists than what we presently understand by philosophy. Dom Pernety (18th century) in his Dictionnaire mytho-hermétique, explains the term Philosopher as follows: “Amateur of wisdom, who is taught the secret operations of Nature, and who imitates its procedures to arrive at more perfect things than those of Nature itself. The name of Philosopher is given to those who are really instructed in the procedures of the great work, what is also called Science and hermetic Philosophy, because Hermes Trismegistus is considered the first one who became famous in it. Only they think that they truly deserve this name because they claim that they now nature in depth, and by this knowledge they become like the Creator, to which they direct their plights and praises with a lot of attention, love and respect. They say that this love is the first step that leads to wisdom. and they constantly recommend it to their disciples, whom they call children of Science.” Read it again, slowly, because this the basis of what a Hermetic Alchemist is.

Hermetic or Philosophic Alchemy is not the well-known concept of transformation of common lead into common gold. It is about the transformation of oneself. That is only possible if one understands the true nature of oneself, and the firm understanding that one is in essence a divine being. Man as he is born is the product of Nature. However man can improve himself to become more than Nature. He is able to manifest his true divine potential, by transmuting his common, every day nature into the full divine nature that he really is. There are many ways to do this. Over the course of history people in different cultures have stumbled on different practices to accomplish this. When I first studied the alchemical scriptures, I thought that there was only one alchemical process, disguised in the symbolic alchemical language. The more I read them the more I became confused because of the many, many symbols and allegories. It was only later on I realized that the (hermetic) alchemical process described in the manuscripts is basically a very simple blueprint. No matter what spiritual practice you decide to use, it will always go through the basic steps or phases from the beginning to the end. I also realized that I practicing hermetic alchemy without knowing it. My meditation experiences were the same as what is described in the alchemical books, be it in symbolic language. When one starts out reading the alchemical manuscripts it all very confusing, because some of the books describe laboratory alchemy, and sometimes alchemical writers would intentionally confuse the matter. The hermetic alchemical books are so heavy laden with symbols, because each alchemist used besides the commonly used symbols, additional terms and allegories. When you try to interpret the symbols it is very easy to get lost. But when you start from the very simple blueprint, then you can easily understand what they are talking about. It came to me only after many years of studying other spiritual practices, especially the Eastern meditation techniques. The bases of these techniques, which is always spiritual transformation is always the same. Once you understand this simple blueprint it is much easier to read the alchemical manuscripts.

Alchemists made use not only of chemical symbols, but also for a great deal of Roman and Greek mythology. They combined many concepts into a language that would express what they experienced. Experience came first, then they wanted to express it in a way that could be understood by others. merely words are inadequate for describing spiritual experiences, especially to somebody who is not familiar with it. Thus alchemists relied created images, and used myths and allegories. When you want to study alchemy, you have to learn to think and feel what those images mean, and what those myths and allegories mean in the sense of personal experience. If you keep yourself to an intellectual interpretation you will never penetrate the secrets of alchemy. A few manuscripts described the alchemical process in a form of personal experience although still in symbolic form.

If you are really interested in working on yourself, in transforming yourself from a common person into realizing your divine self, then read on. I will give you the blueprint and the explanation of the alchemical symbols and allegories. The Great Work, of course, you will have to do it yourself, on a daily basis, with love, patience and endurance. I will keep it as simple as possible. Do not skimp on this simplicity. Take your time to fully understand what is being said and incorporate it into your life. It is in simplicity that your power lies.




Your communications skills are very powerful, you have an easy time convincing people to jump on team RAMS. This can be a great time for job interviews, or even for sales. This can see your goals or visions realized or this can be starting new projects. You need to keep your feet planted because your not out of the woods yet

You can have a better understanding of certain relationships, or you can be making a deeper connection with certain people in your life. This can also be sparks of miracles happening, or this can be you feeling more active and getting things done, or starting new routines or accomplishing your goals

You can be more about your social life, or this can be at the right place the right time with new opportunities or good news with career. Your communications skills are very…

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On Death and Dying


Contemplations …

“When man goes in search of the Way, it generally signifies that something within him has collapsed. Apart from exceptional cases, this collapse is preceded by a re-assessment of moral values, which in the searcher’s eyes lose the value he had previously given to them. This re- assessment itself has been provoked by the accumulation of more or less violent shocks which have given birth to negative emotions.

To be inclined towards esoteric work by positive emotions and success, one should be just, naturally pure, and not having been soiled by life. For most men success and joy, instead of awakening them, plunge them into mental sleep. Success, they say, turns the head. From the esoteric point of view, disagreeable shocks are a better base for work than happy accidents. The humility demanded by the Tradition is necessary as a screen against the noxious influences to which the least exterior or interior success exposes man. However, here as elsewhere one must avoid extremes. Everything, says St Isaac the Syrian, is adorned by measure. Even beauty, out of measure, looks deformed.

Interior collapse leads to certain consequences. Man starts to see things in a different light. Two diametrically opposed effects can result. If man is sufficiently strong and impartial, he will not lower his eyes before implacable reality. He will have the courage to face things directly, and to accept the constatations which are imposed on him, no matter how disagreeable they are. This signifies that he has firmly started on the track which leads to the path of Access to the Way. On the other hand, if the man is weak, this experience will weaken him even more. The law is explicit: ‘To whosoever hath, to him shall be given. But whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that which he hath.’

If man does not accept his situation and, in particular, his inner state as it appears to him, thanks to brief illuminations from the consciousness of the real ‘I’—if he is obstinate against all evidence, justifying his Personality by protecting himself behind logic, legitimacy and justice, he will then turn his back on the path of Access, and thrust himself further into the wilderness.

We repeat: unless he is one of the just or righteous, nobody can reach the path of Access to the Way, without first passing through an interior bank- ruptcy; a moral collapse. That alternative is rather rare.”

– Boris Mouravieff, Gnosis


Archaeologists find Magnificent Statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and His Protector, the Lioness Goddess of War

Archaeologists working in Luxor have unearthed a magnificent statue of King Amenhotep III of ancient Egypt and several statues and statue parts of the cat goddess Sekhmet meant to protect him.  […]

Source: Archaeologists find Magnificent Statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and His Protector, the Lioness Goddess of War


A Bryneglwys Man inveigled by the Fairies

The Commentary Gazette



The following tale I received from the mouth of Mr. Richard Jones, Ty’n-y-wern, Bryneglwys, near Corwen.  Mr. Jones has stored up in his memory many tales of olden times, and he even thinks that he has himself seen a Fairy.  Standing by his farm, he pointed out to me on the opposite side of the valley a Fairy ring still green, where once, he said, the Fairies held their nightly revels.  The scene of the tale which Mr. Jones related is wild, and a few years ago it was much more so than at present. At the time that the event is said to have taken place the mountain was unenclosed, and there was not much travelling in those days, and consequently the Fairies could, undisturbed, enjoy their dances.  But to proceed with the tale.

Two waggoners were sent from Bryneglwys for coals to the works…

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Pisces New Moon

Tales of Lunacy

prismThe healing theme continues as this Pisces New Moon is arm in arm with Chiron, The Wounded Healer.  Leading up to the last Full Moon in Virgo, many things may have been brought to light that needed to be treated, corrected or released.  Continue to make room for the New in all areas of your life.

For additional support and guidance, join my ongoing coaching program, The Magick Moon Circle here.

Chiron isn’t just about pain and suffering, Chiron is also a doorway, a threshold, a turning point or an initiation; like being on the brink of some matter while the Universe is ready to reveal to you a whole new level of experience.

Pisces is the sign of the mystic, the hidden, the mysterious, the unknown and Chiron is a bridge, a portal, a space between worlds.  It is time to tune in and adjust your dials.


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Real Enochian Magick – Matrix Keys That Work – Jason Louv


Women matter Venus square Saturn healing our wounds

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

March 13 Five days after International Women’s day


Women need to stay on the front lines as warrioresses soldiers of love battling for freedom independence the right to own their own bodies and against big government bible thumpers and the old patriarchal religions and networks.

Saturn’s energy can make you feel tired he is as heavy as lead. But Saturn is also about long-term projects goals patience perseverance and being on top of the mountain.

Saturn lends a woman weight in the best way possible. Brush up on your herstory-  Max Dashu has spent 40 years compiling the Suppressed Histories archive of women who were written out of Herstory. see link below.

But wait there’s much more

Mars Venus’ mate is at 27˚SAGITTARIUS, conjunct the Galactic Center exactly and square to Chiron the WOUNDED HEALER.

I’m feeling this already.  If you have planets conjunct to the…

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The legendary Yucatan Hall of Records found at Yaxchilan? Strange Labyrinths and Edgar Cayce – Part I

The ancient Maya city of Yaxchilan rises on the Mexican shore of the mighty Usumacinta river, across from its rival city of Piedras Negras, some 35 kilometers (21 miles) downstream on the Guatemala side. Even to this day, the only access to Yaxchilan is by boat, along the river.   […]

Source: The legendary Yucatan Hall of Records found at Yaxchilan? Strange Labyrinths and Edgar Cayce – Part I


Demystifying the Egyptian Pyramids with Hard Facts

It has always fascinated, and worried me at the same time, how many people I meet that are still mesmerized by aspects of the pyramids in Egypt that archeologists solved many years ago.  […]

Source: Demystifying the Egyptian Pyramids with Hard Facts


Evidence that Noah’s Ark Landed on a Mountain 17 Miles South of Ararat

An illogical and unwarranted assumption prevails today relating to the landing spot of Noah’s ark. People—highly educated people—are sure that Noah’s ark landed on the remote and inaccessible heights of Mount Ararat, a 17,000-foot (5180 m) volcanic mountain in modern-day Turkey.  […]

Source: Evidence that Noah’s Ark Landed on a Mountain 17 Miles South of Ararat


The Spring Equinox Approaches…

Humanistic Paganism


Though still in the depths of winter here in Michigan, the longer days are already noticeable.  Because the daylight cycle leads our seasons, the days are already as long as they were in early October – though of course still much colder.  For me, this growing daylight (reinforced by the start of Daylight Savings Time) is a reminder from our Earth itself, one of those many helpful features of our seasons, to begin thinking about, and planning for, the Spring Equinox/Ostara.  Another reminder – one that is rather bizarre – is the appearance of a “warm-blooded” plant that smells like a zombie!

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