Crushed Terracotta – The Underdog Of Protection

The Witch & Walnut

crushed terracottaCrushed Terracotta is definitely the underdog of protection and often forgotten and not used. It is labor intensive and I will say this is not my favorite thing to prepare, but it must get done so here we are.

I remember ever summer when I got to my grandmothers the last thing I wanted to see after a long flight was a pile of terracotta in the corner of her yard with my name All.Over.It. It was this ongoing joke every time I walked by someone they would ask me if their terracotta was ready because they all knew it was my job. And when it ran out, it ran out until I came back! You can imagine how many pots and tiles I was hammering and grinding away. But still good memories.

Crushed terracotta is made from roof tiles or pots, each of the pieces are inscribed with various…

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The Nine Herb Charm and the modern herbal garden…..

Harebell & Betony

The Nine Herb Charm (from the Lacunga codex Anglo-Saxon texts compiled around the eleventh century) is a Anglo Saxon spell/charm in the form of a poem. Originally it would have been Pagan and contains probable references to Woden, but over time it evolved to include Christian references also. It contains nine sacred and special herbs intended to heal infections and treat poison. You can read the poem in full here….Nine Herbs Charm

IMG_0036The Nine Herbs Charm is a collection of folklore that provides instructions on how to use the herbs for the magic of healing. Some of the herbs have of course changed names, so here they are in their likely modern incarnations and what we know about their healing and magical properties…..

Mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris) Long known as a protective plant, Mugwort would be used to repel insects and fight fatigue. It does contain an oil that is…

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Jupiter Retrograde 2018

The Wicked Wand Shoppe

Jupiter Retrograde began March 8th at 23° Scorpio and ends on July 10th at 13° Scorpio. Jupiter has been in Scorpio since October of last year and has me digging deep to elevate my energy and my soul.  Scorpio rules my Sun and Moon and can be a formidable force for those not willing to put in the work.  If you were born with Jupiter Rx in your natal chart it usually points to earlier lives where negative traits like jealousy, greed, addiction, and hate ruled your existence.  In this life you may need work harder to overcome these obstacles, grow your consciousness, and expand your higher self.  We are here to learn from our mistakes whether they were in this life or previous ones.
Jupiter goes retrograde every 13 months and last around 4 months.  In general, when Jupiter is retrograde it is signaling that this is the time…

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Keep it honest today and avoid gossip, this can be someone airing out your dirty laundry or trying to throw you under the bus. Get out your receipts or own it. Because when your honest , you’ll see that there is not much to be said, but okay Thank you. People appreciate honesty more.

This is a time of self empowerment, this can be starting over in certain areas of your life. Or ending certain toxic situations. You can be helping others grow or supporting their creativity or even mentoring others. This is people supporting your creativity .

You can be very critical of others especially those in authority or the men in your life. When your helping others, your problems get resolved or this can be luck kicking in. When your tapping into your creativity that is when your money situation or even…

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Spring Equinox ~ March 20th, 2018 ~ A Rebirth

The New Divine Humanity

On the evening before the time change here in Canada and in the US to Daylight Savings time ~  it feels auspicious to begin writing about this Spring Equinox.

The Spring Equinox is known as First Day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere which is on March 20th, 2018.

This will be the First day of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. Both represent changes and transitions. The flow of the equinoxes and seasons.

The Spring Equinox takes place on March 20th, 2018 at 1:15 pm AST, here in the Northern Hemisphere. This start of Spring, will last till June 21st, the day of the Summer Solstice. 

The first day of Spring marks the moment the SUN crosses the Celestial Equator, which is an imaginary line.

Equinox ~ means equal night.

The Equinox celebrates and marks the seasons when day and night are equal or close to equal in length. 12 hours…

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Shah Cheragh and The Dazzling Dome of Mirrors

Shah Cheragh is a religious monument located in Shiraz, the capital of the Fars Province in the southern part of Iran.  […]

Source: Shah Cheragh and The Dazzling Dome of Mirrors


Ancient Skulls Found in China Could Belong to an Unidentified Human Species

A team of scientists has discovered two partial human skulls in central China that could possibly belong to an unspecified archaic human species.  […]

Source: Ancient Skulls Found in China Could Belong to an Unidentified Human Species


Cosmic Egg universe (flat Earth) 3 D model – mirrored from Norbzworld channel.


Jupiter Retro-Deeper into sex power and secrets

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

JUPITER’S RETROGRADE in SCORPIO starts on INTERNATIONAL WOMEN”S DAY which signifies a deepening dive of the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns to uncover even more taboo covered up sexual abuse rape and gender inequality issues to an even darker more intense secretive level where the real dirt in power in the world is.


Jupiter in Scorpio Retrograde tara GreeneAdolf Hirémy-Hirschl, Souls on the Banks of the Acheron, 1898. Oil on canvas, 85 x 134 in.

The shadow side of SCORPIO is that ultimate black color -the void or black cauldron of transformation. Scorpio has always tied to the shadows deep instinctual primal urges for sex money power control and secrets. The shadow is culturally tied to shame which the #MeToo campaign is releasing intothe light.

We will have until July 10th to take a long slow healing journey into the depths of our soul’s desires.  Scorpio is the realm of the psyche of psychology so it offers us a long introspective healing time…

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Magdalena Tower Forecast: It Cuts Both Ways 03/05/18 – 03/11/18

Magdalena Tarot


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It’s the  10th week of the year and the card of the week is the Ace of Swords. The Ace of swords appears like a flash of inspiration. Pay attention to what strikes you this week. You may just be on to something. Mercury and Venus both move into Aries this week, alchemizing with the planets that are still in Neptune. It’s time to move towards changes, especially involving the heart.  Jupiter also stations retrograde,  making another march of planets going retrograde after a short break. Mercury enters His pre-retrograde shadow period this week as well, so you may start noticing miscommunications and delays.  The number of the week is 1, a number of endings becoming beginnings.
Mantra: It cuts both ways.

All times in the Forecast are…

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8 Reasons to Start Keeping a Tarot Bullet Journal

Starting a tarot bullet journal has helped me totally skyrocket my tarot reading skills and become a much better card reader. Here are 8 reasons why you should start a tarot bullet journal and why it’s a MUST for any aspiring card reader.  […]

Source: 8 Reasons to Start Keeping a Tarot Bullet Journal


Magic Colors

Kit Perriman


Colors have always affected the human psyche.  They create atmosphere, change moods, signal danger, hide flaws, disguise predators, indicate states of mind, and relieve stress.  And because they trigger such potent reactions in people, many cultures have used them to influence, honor, or impress their gods.

Medieval cunning folk were no exception.  They used sacred clothing, color-coded surroundings, or dyed candles for their rituals.  But the meaning of certain colors can vary – for example, a black candle might be lit in a shape-shifting spell, while its partner stone (onyx) could be used for protection.  Sorcery and alchemy were complicated arts.

Even today, the meanings associated with color are open to personal interpretation, for what is pleasing and soothing to one eye might be unpleasant and jarring to another.  Yet within modern Wicca there appears to be a loose agreement on the following associations.  Choose whichever works for you!

WHITE: purity, protection, peace, happiness, spirituality, balance

GREEN: health, money, luck, acceptance…

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Weekly Tarot Guidance for the week of March 5 through 11, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

What a week we have in store! Energies are shifting as Mercury first enters the sign of Aries, then, later in the week, begins its shadow phase as it approaches its second retrograde period of 2018. Venus will also move into Aries until the 31st. The free ride since January 2 is now over on the 8th as Jupiter begins its annual retrograde. To reconnect with my Weekly and Love and Finance Tarot Guidance, you can go to: ~ listen for FREE, or subscribe to hear all of my Special Guidances as well, or

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Artwork Credit: Enamorte for 78 Tarot Mythical ~ Tarot of the Legendary, now available for preorder on Kickstarter.

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The Pagan Attis and Christian Jesus: A Spurious Connection?

Recently, it has been popular to suggest in some circles that Christianity was influenced, or even derived from, the ancient Roman mystery religions – religions often known to have orgiastic rituals and connection to a personal god.   […]

Source: The Pagan Attis and Christian Jesus: A Spurious Connection?


Contemplations …

Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences is like birth. You are bringing new life into your being – your Higher Self into this life. It’s a journey of reducing the lower self so the Higher Self can emerge.


Full Moon in Virgo 

Tarot by Cecelia

As you say to yourself, “I want out of here!”, you are finding a way to do it. Something has held you back, perhaps completely haunts your existence, and you have searched to find the answer. Eclipse season is now over, and whatever this Full Moon holds for you allows you to continue to create the recovery you need in your life. The resources are available to you for this, and you can feel things becoming easier, and much less of a struggle. However, you knew this day would come and you are ready.

It is time to take a stance when it comes to relationships. Compromise may be necessary now, as you negotiate the outcome you wish to manifest. What brings you your abundance is the choices you are making to create the necessary balance. Circumstances are such that you are becoming much more optimistic than you have been…

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Forbidden Book Of Enoch : Fallen Angels,Nephilim and Aliens

The Book of Enoch, written during the second century B.C.E., is one of the most important non-canonical apocryphal works. Discovered in Ethiopia in 1768

Source: Forbidden Book Of Enoch : Fallen Angels,Nephilim and Aliens




You can be more intune with another person’s feelings or even can pick up more on their energy. You know when they are going to call you or you know something is up. Trust your intuition because you know when to jump on opportunities today, or this can be starting new projects

You can be allowing your anxiety to get the best of you, or your giving to much attention to your emotional life. Try to keep your space neat in orderly so you can be in a better mindset. You do well emotionally when you are in a routine.

You can be reconnecting with people from your past, or this is a positive time to start moving a new direction, or your being pot on your path. This can be good news today, or even taking some risk and they can have a big pay off

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Love hate and compassion Astrology

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

VENUS in PISCES squares MARS in SAGITTARIUS Feb. 25 @ 18+ degrees

The two lovers face off here. The square is a friction and yes it can be a very sexy friction. For some people, this will be a very exciting time to merge with your beloved and to speak the truth with a flaming tongue.

Venus in PISCES square Mars in SAGITTARIUS 

Is also about fake news false flags; conspiracy theories; illusions and delusions about what the truth is. 

It’s interesting and very literal that Trump wants to arm teachers- now that’s Mars in Sagittarius.

We see this energy being enacted in the world after the terrible shooting at the Parkland Florida High School shootings on Valentine’s Day where 17  innocent students were murdered. 

Another side of VENUS in PISCES square MARS in SAGITTARIUS  comes from this news story Feb 25.

Not just Western women Venus ruling the world soon. India’s Prime Minister Modi…

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Elemental Metaphysical Correspondences for the fifth element of spirit

Wolf Of Antimony Occultism

The fifth element of spirit also referred to as aether, void, and akasha is a very powerful element that has a lot to offer. This element is very present in everything, and it is the fifth element that makes up the classic western elements. Spirit is always present in our working, and life we just have to be aware of how it chooses to takes shape.

Here are the correspondences for the element of spirit:

Metaphysical Associations: Unity, infinite, power, transformation, transmutation, divinity, spirituality, wisdom, intuition, purpose, creation, destruction, existence, life, death, awareness, consciousness, balance, spacetime, religion, pathworking, magick, mysticism, occultism, esotericism, energy, nature, essence, will, emanation, source, and much more…

Gender: Masculine, and feminine. Yin, and yang.

Direction: Center, above, below, within, and without.

Type of energy: Projective, and receptive.

Season: All seasons, especially the liminal space between seasons.

Colour:  All colors, especially purple, black, white, or rainbow.


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Rune Magick


Runes are Ancient Sacred Symbols, originating in Northern and Western Europe.  They have been used for thousands of years.

Each rune symbol has a name which reflects its sound, and a series of related meanings, they are easy to use, but very powerful in effect.

The word Rune mean “A Mystery “ or “To Whisper “  knowledge of runes has been passed down through the generations, it is only in recent times that there has been written history and instruction on how to use them.

I treat my runes similar to Tarot, though they are different from tarot, runes are not concerned with prediction they are similar to the Chinese oracle Iching.

It is useful to add your personal touch to them… tuning in will help you to become familiar with them, adding your own energy to them.. It is also great to make your own personal set, you can…

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