The Lions Gate – August 8, 2017

A view of a new Sphinx statue, an exact replica of the original in Egypt, seen in a park featuring replicas of world cultural heritages in Chuzhou city on March 3, 2015, in Anhui, China. Feature China / Barcroft Media

Today is August 8th and marks a very special energetic peak for the 2017 LionsGate. The LionsGate happens every year and begins from the 26th of July until the 12th of August, and this happens due to the constellation alignment with Sirius A/B, Sun and Earth.

Once the Sun of Sirius and our Sun combine energies, this opens a powerful window of transformation for our Earths Morphogenetic field and memory. The Binary Suns of Sirius is the Mother Sun of ours due to our solar gravitational pull is orbiting Sirius. Why this is important, is that through the LionsGate window there is a geological opening happening in Egypt.

The Sphinx is a guardian and gatekeeper to the Halls of Amenti which is the womb space and hold the records of Earth.

Now today is the day to gain access to the deepest records of your being and ancient self. As the Suns of Sirius combines with our Sun in a direct alignment, we all will be receiving this energetic upgrades in full momentum.

There are six opening in total around our planet. However, Egypt’s portal was the significant passage used in Atlantis before the Grids blew and the collective’s consciousness fell. This womb space in the central core of our planet and holds all the records of every civilization that came here and consequently holds the genetic records of each human race.

This is important because our species is undergoing a genetic mutation and transformation into a new template. So today is an opportunity to tune into Egypt and receive the messages from you ancient self and set in motion what role you choose to play in this Golden Age.

The Particle Convergence is upon us (21st August Solar Eclipse), and this is the time to jump timelines into your highest potential and transcend the karmic memory from your past.

The Zugarramurdi Witch Trials: Welcome to the Spanish Salem | Ancient Origins

Not far from the border with France, embraced by a vast green pasture on which the cows calmly graze, lies the village of Zugarramurdi. Located in the Navarre region of #Xareta this tiny village currently has just 250 inhabitants and, despite being known for its magnificent pine and chestnut trees as well as for hosting an impressive cave carved by water, #Zugarramurdi owes its fame to sad and dark events mostly completed by its residents in the seventeenth century. Some of these events led the Court of the #Inquisition to sentence fifty people to punishments for practicing witchcraft….

Source: The Zugarramurdi Witch Trials: Welcome to the Spanish Salem | Ancient Origins

The Ancient Practice of Tengriism, Shamanism and Ancient Worship of the Sky Gods | Ancient Origins

A Bronze Age belief system has been passed down generation after generation, worshiping Tengi and celebrating the #power of #nature and the eternal blue sky. #Tengriism focuses on living in harmony with the natural universe. Founded and most widely practiced during ancient times, there are groups that still practice Tengriism to this day….

Source: The Ancient Practice of Tengriism, Shamanism and Ancient Worship of the Sky Gods | Ancient Origins

Jupiter square Pluto Love luck power rebirth 

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Jupiter and Pluto have their last big square Aug.  4 @ 17 degrees Libra/Capricorn.

Painting by Napoleon Brousseau

This aspect can act in many ways. Jupiter is the king of the gods he is expansive and in Libra all about love and relationships. Pluto is the soul and is the planet of huge transitions, death, rebirth, resurrection, and transformation. Pluto name means soul riches.

Put these two in a hard aspect between lightning bolt hurling optimist Jupiter and heavy death bringing soul guide Pluto and its heavy duty, one way or the other.

Jupiter in Libra has been attempting to be the peace keeper grand wizard of balance and General people pleaser while the big guy is in Libra. Consider how tense and opposed things are, Jupiter has been making things a lot easier. If you can believe that.

Pluto is the psychopomp, I love that word, the guide…

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The Evidence is Cut in Stone: A Compelling Argument for Lost High Technology in Ancient Egypt | Ancient Origins

Most people know of the great construction achievements of the dynastic Egyptians such as the pyramids and temples of the Giza Plateau area as well as the Sphinx. Many books and videos show depictions of vast work forces hewing blocks of stone in the hot desert sun and carefully setting them into place….

Source: The Evidence is Cut in Stone: A Compelling Argument for Lost High Technology in Ancient Egypt | Ancient Origins

Guide to the August 2017 Eclipse Season


August 7 :: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse :: 15 degrees Aquarius 
August 21 :: New Moon Solar Eclipse :: 28 degrees Leo 
August 25 :: Saturn stations direct 
August 12 – September 5 :: Mercury Retrograde 

“With all the fire in the sky this month, it’s important to consider the two extreme expressions of Leo energy: as symbolized by the Thoth Tarot card “Lust,” and the Rider-Waite Tarot card “Strength.”

Both rule Leo, but one card has our passions so inflamed that we are naked with lustriding a lion, not paying attention to where we are going. The strength card has us taming the same lion, and he’s calm and cool but ready to strike if needed.

To help contain the fire, we need the rich mineral soil of earth; Saturn direct helps us learn that we only have so much time and energy. The August 2017 eclipse season helps…

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Back up electronics on the 1st; Laugh at the power struggles

Eyes of Heaven

With the Full Moon Eclipse coming in less than a week, please pay attention to your energetic neighborhood. The normal boundaries and protections drop to a more sieve-like level at this time and will be restored a week after the New Moon Eclipse on the 21st. Beings who want to explore our home environment tend to come over and ‘play’ here during these times. If you feel or see any unusual forms, remind them this is not their home and they need to go back soon.

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For some of you, this is the past revisited or this can be you thinking about revisiting past or even old projects. For some of you this can be thoughts of moving. This week brings about endings and new beginnings coming up. For some of you this is a second childhood coming up. So this is good news coming your way and this can be with a move. For others of you, I see love but tread carefully with new love because they may create boundaries with you. Someone in your life could be putting you into crisis energy when there is really no crisis. For others of you, your dealing with manipulative individual

For some of you, I see plans for travelling . For others of you , I see allot of ideas going on but no action at this time. For others of you…

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Heart & Soul and Magick Words – Holistic Mystics

When we look into the spiritual traditions of history, we find the “Word” to have a central importance as an active component to the creation of Life and the Cosmos. In many of the Creation myths, it is through the Word that the world is brought into manifestation, and it is from this that the spiritual traditions of old formed their Sacred Mantras, Divine Names or Magic Incantations. Again and again, the story is told and retold with different names, different allegories and different symbols, yet one common message; that the Word is an integral part of Creation. …

Source: Heart & Soul and Magick Words – Holistic Mystics

August Energies

Jessica Cross

There are a lot of powerful energies.  For me in the Northern Hemisphere, August is the time for our last push through the summer.  Then we start heading into a more introspective time in the fall.

Although you want to make sure that you start everything that you want to get done this year, you also need to make sure to schedule some downtime to check you are heading in the right direction.

Are the goals you made at the beginning of the year still resonating with you or is it time to shift gears?  There is no shame in changing your mind and following your intuition to head in a better direction.



Make a concrete plan.


Become more serious.


Find your joy.


Take time to rest.


Connect with your feelings.


Focus your energy.


Watch what happens naturally.


Stop your regular routine to reassess your values.


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Fireball-Sun conjunct Mars

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Sun in Leo conjunct Mars Astrology Tara Greene

That Leo Prideful SUN conjuncts big Macho MARS July 26 @ 4+ degrees of LEO. This marks a new cycle of action passion desires will strength courage creativity and drive for about the next two years. Are you ready?

 A conjunction is a conception a seeding. This one is totally testosterone Regal. Gotta love the Divine Masculine. Hail to the chief. Remember that every woman also has her inner Divine masculine. This is the action in the world part of a woman. She listens to her feelings and intuition first then her inner King onbent knee says “I will make it happen.”

Leo is the SUN KING the Golden source LIGHT of all Lights the biggest STAR in our SUN system. Leo and the SUN symbolize and are head honcho. Fiercely masculine all about drive spark sexuality. Mars ruler of Men war passion sex defenses and the SUN in LEO…

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