Golden Dawn: Qabalah Flash Cards

Published by Chic and Tabatha Cicero, HOGD

Qabalah Flash Cards are here! First batch of orders are going out today!


Magdalena Tarot Forecast 11/20/17-11/26/17: Attitude of Gratitude

Magdalena Tarot


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It’s the 46th week of the year and the card of the week is the 5 of Swords.  The 5 of Swords is a card of truce. Although things may not have turned out exactly as you like, at least you can say that you and your opponent both lost — there was no winner. With the holidays on the way, it’s best to walk away from battles and embrace your loved ones rather than fight over things you may never agree on. Sometimes it really is better just to agree to disagree. The number of the week is 1(0) reminding us that with surrender comes new beginnings.
Mantra:  Is there a winner when everyone loses?

All times in the Forecast are set to Pacific Standard Time.  For…

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Good Week Spell & Sigil

Island Witchery

good week
Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just feel like you need a miracle to get through it? I have them all the time. Maybe it’s just too hectic, you have a thousand things to do, tight deadlines, exams, or you’re having an anxiety flare that’s making everything seem really, really hard.

I want to share this little spell I’ve used before to give me a little boost during those stressful weeks.
WhatsApp Image 2017-10-26 at 10.45.52 AM (2).jpeg
I used a white candle, sea salt, moon water from the last full moon, and sage incense because I don’t have any actual sage.
You can use whatever you prefer! Black candle instead/any colour you have available, any type of salt you have available, plain water if you have no charged water, and sage leaves if you have, or any other incense you’d like that has good luck/protection properties.

Here’s the process of making my…

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Should I make an attempt to give you exact instructions

Or shall I let you choose your own methods

Allowing you to experiment with the spells with the ingredients with the energy to find your most convenient way to achieve the desired results

Learning about your very own willpower and just how determined you really are

In a room she puts together a sensuous setting that stimulates the tender feeling of the heart

A cool reception will come over in this room when an unwanted visitor enters the doorway or crossed her path as a spell begins to soon cease their unwelcomed energy

Temptations must be overcome that are put before her everyday to instill a bounty of blessings to assist her as she prays that the bondage of unhealthy habits be taken away


Alleviating Stress


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Slayin’ It!

Magdalena Tarot

The good news is Magdalena Tarot has been super busy. I’ve done 4 fairs this fall including a full #MagdalenaTower booth, got Magdalena Tower in Etsy up and running again, readings have picked up, I reviewed @reckless_reader_tarot tarot box and I’m working on editing an exciting interview with @darknesstarot . Not to mention I’m wrapping up my first ever online class and getting ready to edit the material to send it off to an interested publisher. Abundance is everywhere except in the area of time, mostly because I rely on public transportation and it takes me 4 hrs round trip to get to and from work sometimes. So I apologize that the forecast is late again. I will try my best to put it out tonight. Thank you for your patience! And thank you, #ArchangelMichael for your strength!


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Helen Edey

15c14820497b1d9a9c4185f868abbc62--joan-crawford-screensShe is dark, deep and determined.

BML, she is the wild, untamed, raw and passionate side of you, she is working from within the psyche. Often she is denied, suppressed and not addressed, she can come out and make you and others feel uncomfortable. Many just want to lock her away, whether you are male or female.
Here energy will be channeled through Capricorn lens, structure, authority, goals. Have a purpose, have somewhere to aim for or the mountain to climb. Use determination, focus, and grit to keep you going, as she can drive you forward as long as you know where the mountain top is that you are heading for it can and will be difficult, but dig deep and go.
Channel any anger, (as BML can often be pissed off, particularity with authority, rejected or tossed aside) to keep you moving forward. Use the burn.

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Full Moon in Taurus – Saturday, November 4, 2017 1:23am EST

Tarot by Cecelia

You may be acting a little bull-headed at the time of this Full Moon, and it would appear you have every right to be. You are feeling fully in charge of the situation now, and so ready to release any pain which has been associated with it. When it comes to choices, you may wish to seek the advice of another to be certain you are making the right ones. Change is afoot and you are quite proud of all which you have accomplished.

Remaining grounded allows you to set yourself free through the solutions you have enacted in response to your problems. Success requires a bit of a back-door approach, and it is in your best interest to remain even-keeled throughout this process. The Universe has left the light on for you, and it is time to come inside and take refuge, away from the hard times of the…

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