Olympic Spirits

The term “Olympic spirits” refers to seven spirits mentioned in several renaissance and post-renaissance books of ritual magic/ceremonial magic. Aratron rules the most provinces (49), while each succeeding Olympian rules seven fewer than the former, down to Phul who rules seven provinces.

Decans: Astrology as related to the Tarot’s Minor Arcana

The small cards (Minor Arcana) two to ten in the suits are associated with the Decans. A Decan is a third of a Zodiac sign (ten degrees). [Some other occult sources use the term Face for them.] Each Decan has a sub-ruler that flavors that ten degrees, and is stronger when you find the planet there. The typical wording is “planet in sign,” but really should be “the ten degrees of the sign subruled by XYZ planet.”

There are two ways to assign the planetary subrulers to the Decans. The method used by Golden Dawn is based on the same pattern as the assignment of the planets to the Tree of Life sephiroth. The other method (sometimes called the Vedic method) is based on the element of the sign and the rulers of the other two signs of the same element; this alternative method is actually easier to figure out in your head. Due to Golden Dawn choosing the harder method, it helps the reader if the astrological symbols are on the cards to remind the reader of the card’s assignment.

So how is the decan used in readings? Besides being one of several layers that make up a card (others being Number, Colors, Sephiroth, etc.), one can use it to determine timing (this event will occur while the Sun is in this ten degrees of the Zodiac), and also the placement of planets when one does readings based on the planets.

E.g., in a Planetary-based reading, the first card pulled would be the position of the Rising Sign, the second would be the position of the Sun, the third would be the position of the Moon, etc.

Consecration and Empowerment of Talismans, Amulets and Pentagrams


All talismans, amulets and pentagrams can be worn for decorative or symbolic purposes.  However, should you wish to charge your jewelry to its purpose, it is advisable to form a link between yourself and the cosmic forces that operate through it by performing the simple act of empowerment described below.   Many people prefer to wear their jewelry piece for some time before consecrating it, to get familiar with its energy and receive inspiration from their magical intention.


If you are a ceremonial magician, there are other, more pointed ways to consecrate talismans, amulets and your magical tools that you were taught that you ought to utilize and make reference from your magical journal.  If you have yet to learn these ritual exercises, ask your assigned Mentor.  Keep in mind, however, that no jewelry (except your wedding band) is worn in the Temple while performing magical rituals.


For the uninitiated, the following ritual described for charging amulets and talismans should be viewed as a guide only.  You can empower your piece for other intentions, provided you intuitively feel they are in harmony with its energy.


Preparation:  You will need the following components …

Glass of water

White candle in a holder

A few pinches of salt

Small table

White cloth

Incense/incense cone or stick

A quiet room


Make sure you are not disturbed –  switch off your telephone and close the curtains.

Lay your white cloth over the table placing your candle, glass of water and incense in the center.

Light the candle and the incense and place your jewelry piece next to them.

Turn off the lights, close your eyes and spend a few minutes thinking about what you want your piece to achieve, in keeping with its special magical purpose.

Build up a detailed picture of yourself in a situation where the talisman has successfully achieved all of its intention.



Pass your jewelry piece through the smoke from the incense to symbolically purify it with the Element of Air.

Then pass it through the flame of the candle to cleanse it of all impurities with Fire.

Next take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it slowly into the water and imagine the water being filled up with a golden light.

Then sprinkle this consecrated water onto the piece which will then also be surrounded by the golden light.

Finally sprinkle a few grains of salt onto the piece to symbolize it being purified by the Element of Earth.

Your jewelry piece is now cleansed of all outside influences and ready to be charged to achieve your purpose.



Now sit down and close your eyes, holding your talisman, amulet or pentagram in your right hand.

Picture above you a sphere of brilliant white light radiating in all directions.  Concentrate your energy on this sphere, feel its power and brilliance grow.

Picture a shaft of golden light flowing down from the sphere and slowly descending through the top of your head into your solar plexus, charging you with energy and forming a second sphere of golden light, which warms and invigorates you.   Now, picture yourself in the situation where you have achieved your desired objective and, keeping this in your mind, with all your energy visualize this golden light flowing through your body into your right arm through your right hand and then into the jewelry piece.


It is now charged to your intention.   Allow yourself a few minutes to unwind, and then have a drink of spring water or a bite of dark chocolate to eat, to get yourself back down to earth.


Your jewelry piece is now working for you, in conjunction with the cosmic forces, so be prepared for some positive changes in your life.   It will keep working for you as long as it is worn or kept within your aura.



Some of these pieces are very powerful and when empowered and may have a greater effect on your life than you had anticipated.   If this happens you can unconsecrate (i.e., disempower) your talisman, amulet or pentagram by holding it for a couple of minutes in a stream, or even under a running tap while visualizing the energy disappearing from the piece.   You can then safely wear it as a piece of cosmetic jewelry.

How To Perform A Tarot Contemplation Ritual

The first thing one usually thinks of when imagining performing a meditation is that one should close their eyes.  However, for this type of exercise, it is suggested that you keep your eyes open.

In this exercise, you will meditate on a tarot card of your choosing.  To familiarize yourself with your tarot deck, begin focusing on the Major Arcana first before jumping into the suits of the Minor Arcana.  This is particularly true if you are new to working with a tarot deck and new to performing divination work.  The Major Arcana is the story of The Fool’s Journey through Life.  The Path traveled by The Fool presents various challenges and obstacles that, when overcome, form the Big Picture experience that expands The Fool’s knowledge, understanding and success.  The Minor Arcana describes specific details that accompany the many choices and decisions that shape the quality of The Fool’s life experiences.


As a ceremonial magician, the Tarot is utilized as a divinatory magical tool. Therefore, whenever the tarot is to be used, it is necessary to (1) perform your personal banishings; (2) perform the Relaxation Ritual; (3) recite a prayer for guidance by one’s Guardian Angel, and then (4) begin working with your tarot deck.  If you want to light a white candle and/or burn incense, such as frankincense, benzoin and the like, do it and be consistent about it.  These preparatory steps are mandatory to ensure clairsentient focus and accurate readings.

To begin this daily exercise, choose a tarot card to study in detail.  Begin with a contemplation of The Fool card.  The next day, focus on The Magician card, and continue each day focusing on the next card in order in the Major Arcana.

Place the tarot card selected as a focal point on your personal altar, or affix it to a blank spot on your wall.  For best results, while looking to the picture you should not have anything distracting in your field of view.  Use a simple colored wall or table, or a simple colored piece of cloth to put behind the image. Of course, after some training you will be able to keep your concentration regardless of the background.  Seat yourself in front of the card.  From your relaxed sitting position, you ought to be able to effortlessly focus at the center of the tarot card.

Now, sit comfortably and relax your body and mind by taking some deep breathes. For this step, you can close your eyes if you prefer, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Let them stay open, but keep them unfocused. You are not interested in what’s happening around you. Not even in the picture in front of you. Your only interest is your breathing.

When you are ready, focus your eyes at the center of the card’s image; relax and breathe normally.  Some feelings and thoughts might begin entering your sphere of sensation.  Take notice of them, but do not dwell in them.  Observe as if you are perceiving the feelings and thoughts of someone else. Your main interest is your relaxed breathing.  When and if your eyes want to move around the image, let them do so; allow your eyes to examine the details of the card’s image.  Notice the central image of the card:  symbols, colors, hints of planetary, astrological and/or Hebraic correspondences. Keep your head motionless, focus on your breathing and trust your eyes.

Contemplate on the images, symbols and colors for as long as you want, but for Neophytes, fifteen (15) minutes is the minimum time.  Whenever you want to terminate your meditation, just let your eyes close and relax.  After a minute, open your eyes and immediately write down your observations and impressions.  Also, state in your journal what picture or image you have used.

After several sessions, go back and read your journal. You might find the details you have noted to be informative about how you view the things that impact you, including how you view yourself.  In this way your readings will become more clear and detailed.  You will also build confidence in reading your tarot cards, if only out of sheer familiarity from your daily workings.

You may also use this method to help your connection with your favorite deity or being.  Use the correlations between the symbols and colors used to make corresponding relationships to archetypal figures, then meditate on the being’s image.  Is there a person you admire and you want to become like him or her?  Use their image to meditate on it.  It does not matter if these persons are dead, alive or even imaginary.  It does not matter if the being or person actually possesses the qualities you think apply.  What matters is what feelings are conjured by this exercise.

The key to perfecting your proficiency at tarot divinations is this tarot contemplation exercise.  With persistence, you ought to create and build an intimate relationship between you and your chosen tarot deck, and more importantly, visionary accuracy whenever you work with the tarot.

Picatrix: The Ancient Arabian Book of Astrology and Occult Magic | Ancient Origins


The Picatrix is an ancient #Arabian book of #astrology and occult magic dating back to the 10 th or 11th century, which has gained notoriety for the obscene natural of its magical recipes. The #Picatrix, with its cryptic astrological descriptions and spells covering almost every conceivable wish or desire, has been translated and used by many cultures over the centuries, and continues to fascinate occult followers from around the world.  …

Source: Picatrix: The Ancient Arabian Book of Astrology and Occult Magic | Ancient Origins

Today’s Pathworking Visualization – Sri K. Parvathi Kumar

Two fishes, five loaves gained. St. Mark speaks.
“Feed the hosts of wisdom. No more hunger, suffering,
death.” The boat sails. The wind blows.
The waves dance. The fish jump.

Two fishes and five loaves gained. Two fishes rep-
resent Pisces and its opposite sign Virgo. Virgo is but
the reflection of Pisces. The five loaves are the five
pairs of Sun signs. The five pairs are the five couples.

They are:

1. Aries, Libra
2. Taurus, Scorpio
3. Gemini, Sagittarius
4. Cancer, Capricorn
5. Leo, Aquarius

All these twelve Sun signs together form the Zo-
diac in which there are six pairs of male-female. The
adept gains the cooperation of the Zodiac, which
is symbolically stated as gaining two fishes and five

The twelve-petalled lotus of Anahata becomes the
abode of the adept. Staying in that lotus of the heart,
the adept keeps teaching and healing, transmits love
and wisdom and recruits the inclined beings into the
path of discipleship, which is called the fishing of the
souls. Thus teaching, healing and fishing the souls be-
come the main activity. The adept overcomes thirst
and hunger, engaging himself in the triple activities
stated above.

To such one the St. Mark speaks from the core of
the heart lotus, transmitting his energies. He speaks
the key of the Katha. Katha is the sound key of the
twelve syllables engraved on the twelve petals of the
lotus. St. Mark holds this key for this cycle. Mar-
kandeya is the Lord of the Key. The key emphasis-
es upon the death and its secrets. The path of death
transforms into the path of immortality when this key
is revealed.

The adept feeds unlimited wisdom so that there
is no more hunger. He heals so that there is no more
suffering. He gives the key to death so that there is
no fear of death. The adept is helped by St. Mark so
that his life (the boat) continues to sail. The sail be-
comes effortless since the wind turns favourable for
accomplishing the triple activity of teaching, healing
and fishing.

The life currents of the fellow beings around him
dance in joy. The souls with renewed enthusiasm jump
around to be fished in. The souls fish in by their will
and volition. This is the beauty of the fishing of an
adept. He thus catches the fish by the bite and the
hook. Poor are the teachers who hook the fellow be-
ings. A rich teacher (rich in Spirit) makes the presence
available and they fish in themselves. The fisherman
carries the basket of souls (fishes) with love to their

The Path of Initiation: Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition – Gnosis Denver

Gnosis is a cosmic teaching that aims to restore in each one of us the ability to live consciously and intelligently. One of the fundamental principles of Gnosis is that all Religions teach the same thing, they teach the Path to return to God (the Authentic Path of Initiation). And this path is present in the Kabalah and in the Tarot plates as well. God, for the Gnostic, is something which exists within, that every human being can connect with and access if they learn the methods to do so.

Something that we need to understand is that Kabalah and Tarot cards are not a game. They are a Symbolic representation of the Cosmic Science (the Science of the Union with God) which allows us to grasp the universe and our place in it. The Cosmic Science teaches us the path which will end all suffering. When we apply this Science to our lives, we can escape the laws of Evolution and become something like a Super-Man or Super-Woman.

But in order to do this, we must be serious about the work that is necessary on the Path to return to God (the Path of Authentic Initiation). This work is synthesized into the 3 Factors or the 3 Keys of the Revolution of the Consciousness:  Death, Birth and Sacrifice.

Source: The Path of Initiation: Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition – Gnosis Denver

THE GOLDEN HANDSHAKE: The Secrets of a Neophyte

In the ceremony of Reception, the candidate is instructed in the secrets of the Neophyte grade. These are the modes of recognition present in most mundane organizations and societies, as well as to other esoteric orders of this nature. It is common for students of the Order to spend much time studying other features of the basic rudiments of Occult science, and neglect the grip and word as mere `claptrap`not worthy of attention. Any attempt given to understanding the import of these symbols is not a wasted effort by any means, for they are in fact of great importance. Even a small amount of study by the new Neophyte magician will reveal why these are indeed considered to be `the secrets of the grade`.

Source: THE GOLDEN HANDSHAKE: The Secrets of a Neophyte

The Many Magical Uses of Herbal Waters

Herbal washes and waters are among the most popular tools used in traditional forms of shamanism and folk magick around the world. They have existed for as long as humans have known how to make herbal teas, but their uses go far beyond medicinal beverages. In fact, they are exceptionally powerful tools in any witch‘s arsenal—it might just be easier to list the ways in which herbal waters cannot be used than to list all of their diverse applications. Visit any botanica (shops that cater to African and Caribbean Traditions, such as Santeria, Voodoo, and Hoodoo) and you will typically find several shelves fully stocked with herbal washes for as many purposes as you can imagine….

Source: The Many Magical Uses of Herbal Waters