“He Who Upholds Righteousness and Truth”


Welcome to the Pacific Northwest and the Sanctuary of Horus Behdety of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.  Our Order has Temples and Sanctuaries in cities across America and in several countries in the Americas and Europe.  All correspondence members are initiated through the Grand Temple of Isis Mighty Mother.  This sanctuary  provides a permanent location for ritual work and classes, but does not offer initiations.  All live initiations in our area take place at the Grand Temple of Isis Mighty Mother, now located in Portland, Oregon.  All contact with any of our Temples or sister Sanctuaries is forwarded to the requested location through Grand Temple Isis.


Healing the Mother Wound (New Moon in Leo, August 21, 2017)

Michelle Welsh


What makes this eclipse cycle different from others is the fact that Regulus, the Royal Star, is in the sign of Virgo at zero degrees symbolizing the Queen of Heaven. We haven’t had a solar eclipse/new moon here since the star shifted from Leo in 2013. At the time of the eclipse we also have Mars cazimi the Sun in proud Leo. Normally when Mars is aligned with the Sun it weakens his position but this time the moon is blocking the Sun’s rays, amplifying Mar’s strength. Oh Mama’s mad.. And when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Maybe it’s the labor pains that have her so stressed out. After all, giving birth isn’t an easy process and she has been nurturing this moment and putting all her magic in it, ready for it to manifest its gifts. We were all were born with certain gifts. For some lucky few…

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This is change happening , this can be revisiting old projects, second chances or people from your past coming back. If you can avoid rehashing old fights your better for it. For some of you this is starting new projects or new business endeavors. For some of you, you can be very innovative or even revolutionary with your ideas. For others of you this is breaking up your routine because you want change, same old same old is boring to you

For some of you, you can be dealing with loss or separation at this time. For others of you this can be a possibility of a move. For some of you, you can be working with new people, or put into a group setting and you tend to…

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The Serpent Priestesses and Ancient Sexual Rites | Ancient Origins

Blood and blood rituals have been a part of many religions since #ancient times. Holy men and women wore scarlet robes and performed symbolic liturgies. But why was blood considered powerful? Guest author Katrina Sisowath examines the ancient symbolism of the color scarlet and ancient blood rites….

Source: The Serpent Priestesses and Ancient Sexual Rites | Ancient Origins

The nature and danger of the legendary Kobold | Ancient Origins

In ancient folklore, the #kobold is a small, pointy-eared, goblin-like creature with a short-temper and a mischievous spirit. Their origin in mythology is believed to date back to the #ancient #Greek ‘kobaloi’, a type of sprite invoked by followers of the god Dionysus. Today, legends about the kobolds persist in Germany, where from time-to-time, people still claim to see the troublesome creatures….

Source: The nature and danger of the legendary Kobold | Ancient Origins

Glimmerings from The Zohar

Ein Sof

It was the higher firmament of heaven whose glory and magnificent splendor (like that of the starry mist of the Milky Way, which includes within its dim and remote recesses innumerable and countless worlds of ineffable brilliancy and beauty) dawned upon the prophet’s vision, and there it exists a universe of light and love hidden and concealed from mortal gaze like the thought of the Divine Mind, ineffable, transcending all human comprehension and powers of conception.

As man has never been able to divine and understand the nature of thought, much less can he gauge the thoughts of Ain Soph (who is as a mighty ocean in which all thought is drowned) the Infinite and Boundless One, the concealed of all concealments, without beginning and without end, the great invisible center and fount of all life and motion existent in worlds known and unknown, careering in their mighty orbits in the fathomless abysses of space, the Great Being the smallest portion of whose glory and might and majesty is reflected and seen in sun and moon and the splendid galaxies of stars and constellations, all glittering and flashing in a midnight sky, and in the mystic music of the spheres are forever singing as they shine: “The hand that made us is divine.”

― Zohar:  Bereshith to Lekh Lekha, Nurho de Manhar


The sacred symbol of the Djed pillar | Ancient Origins

Hieroglyphics play an important role in understanding ancient Egyptian culture.

Hieroglyphics play an important role in understanding ancient Egyptian culture. One of the most commonly found and mysterious hieroglyphic symbols is known as the djed symbol. With the appearance of a pillar and three or more cross bars, there have been several theories as to the meaning of this enigmatic symbol, and what it represented to the #ancient #Egyptians who used it so frequently.

One of the most commonly found and mysterious hieroglyphic symbols is known as the djed symbol. …

Source: The sacred symbol of the Djed pillar | Ancient Origins

daily transits by Marie Moore


5 hrs ago Mercury sextile Venus these two will be transiting till the 16th, Venus is in needy cancer at this time Mercury in Virgo. This is people going way out of the way for others if they want too, because it’s sextile and sextile are opportunities or kind of like maybe’s. So if your emotionally in a good mood because of Venus in so maybe you’ll help out. If your feeling like your to lose that friendship or relationship than maybe you’ll do more for this person. For some of you this is emotionally connecting to others through communication and maybe opening and saying whats on your mind maybe.Because Mercury in Virgo doesn’t really like to do so this is a maybe. Plus it’s an adaptable sign versus a Cardinal sign .For some of you , you can be easily pressured into doing things you don’t want to do…

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The Lions Gate – August 8, 2017

A view of a new Sphinx statue, an exact replica of the original in Egypt, seen in a park featuring replicas of world cultural heritages in Chuzhou city on March 3, 2015, in Anhui, China. Feature China / Barcroft Media

Today is August 8th and marks a very special energetic peak for the 2017 LionsGate. The LionsGate happens every year and begins from the 26th of July until the 12th of August, and this happens due to the constellation alignment with Sirius A/B, Sun and Earth.

Once the Sun of Sirius and our Sun combine energies, this opens a powerful window of transformation for our Earths Morphogenetic field and memory. The Binary Suns of Sirius is the Mother Sun of ours due to our solar gravitational pull is orbiting Sirius. Why this is important, is that through the LionsGate window there is a geological opening happening in Egypt.

The Sphinx is a guardian and gatekeeper to the Halls of Amenti which is the womb space and hold the records of Earth.

Now today is the day to gain access to the deepest records of your being and ancient self. As the Suns of Sirius combines with our Sun in a direct alignment, we all will be receiving this energetic upgrades in full momentum.

There are six opening in total around our planet. However, Egypt’s portal was the significant passage used in Atlantis before the Grids blew and the collective’s consciousness fell. This womb space in the central core of our planet and holds all the records of every civilization that came here and consequently holds the genetic records of each human race.

This is important because our species is undergoing a genetic mutation and transformation into a new template. So today is an opportunity to tune into Egypt and receive the messages from you ancient self and set in motion what role you choose to play in this Golden Age.

The Particle Convergence is upon us (21st August Solar Eclipse), and this is the time to jump timelines into your highest potential and transcend the karmic memory from your past.

The Zugarramurdi Witch Trials: Welcome to the Spanish Salem | Ancient Origins

Not far from the border with France, embraced by a vast green pasture on which the cows calmly graze, lies the village of Zugarramurdi. Located in the Navarre region of #Xareta this tiny village currently has just 250 inhabitants and, despite being known for its magnificent pine and chestnut trees as well as for hosting an impressive cave carved by water, #Zugarramurdi owes its fame to sad and dark events mostly completed by its residents in the seventeenth century. Some of these events led the Court of the #Inquisition to sentence fifty people to punishments for practicing witchcraft….

Source: The Zugarramurdi Witch Trials: Welcome to the Spanish Salem | Ancient Origins

The Ancient Practice of Tengriism, Shamanism and Ancient Worship of the Sky Gods | Ancient Origins

A Bronze Age belief system has been passed down generation after generation, worshiping Tengi and celebrating the #power of #nature and the eternal blue sky. #Tengriism focuses on living in harmony with the natural universe. Founded and most widely practiced during ancient times, there are groups that still practice Tengriism to this day….

Source: The Ancient Practice of Tengriism, Shamanism and Ancient Worship of the Sky Gods | Ancient Origins

Jupiter square Pluto Love luck power rebirth 

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Jupiter and Pluto have their last big square Aug.  4 @ 17 degrees Libra/Capricorn.

Painting by Napoleon Brousseau

This aspect can act in many ways. Jupiter is the king of the gods he is expansive and in Libra all about love and relationships. Pluto is the soul and is the planet of huge transitions, death, rebirth, resurrection, and transformation. Pluto name means soul riches.

Put these two in a hard aspect between lightning bolt hurling optimist Jupiter and heavy death bringing soul guide Pluto and its heavy duty, one way or the other.

Jupiter in Libra has been attempting to be the peace keeper grand wizard of balance and General people pleaser while the big guy is in Libra. Consider how tense and opposed things are, Jupiter has been making things a lot easier. If you can believe that.

Pluto is the psychopomp, I love that word, the guide…

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