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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest and the Sanctuary of Horus Behdety of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.  Our Order has Temples and Sanctuaries in cities across America and in several countries in the Americas and Europe.  All correspondence members are initiated through the Grand Temple of Isis Mighty Mother.  This sanctuary  provides a permanent location for ritual work and classes, but does not offer initiations.  All live initiations in our area take place at the Grand Temple of Isis Mighty Mother, now located in Portland, Oregon.  All contact with any of our Temples or sister Sanctuaries is forwarded to the requested location through Grand Temple Isis.


Magical Recipies Online | Astral projection, how to travel in Spirit form, how to make astral projection

Most of you who visit our site have previously heard of this amazing ability of some people who voluntarily (or not) get out of their body and wonder in a spirit form. Some others may just heard of the term “astral projection”, making them wonder what it may mean. So you googled it and here we are. Of course there are some who already know about astral projection and you want to know more!

Source: Magical Recipies Online | Astral projection, how to travel in Spirit form, how to make astral projection



MONDAY NIGHT 10PM EST PRAYER SESSION http://www.youtube.com/c/mrsmoreful/live
8pm Est Wed new moon Taurus 1 hour

You don’t take no for an answer and it can work. I do see you getting what you want this week by sticking to your guns. I do see a great week with career or with business; you could benefit through others with this energy. This a great time for recognition and praise for your work at school or in career. I do see things slowly turn around for some of you so just be a bit more patient. Or focus more on the things in life that bring you peace and happiness.


You are following your own drummer this week. For some of you , you are nontraditional with your career path, and you have more freedom or a…

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A Charm for Cord and Knot Magic

Peedeel's Blog


By knot of one oh serpent come,
By knot of two the spell to do,
By knot of three I conjure thee,
By knot of four ‘tis through the door,
By knot of five the spell to thrive,
By knot of six the spell to fix;
By knot of seven now I have ‘em!
By knot of eight ’tis sealed by fate,
By knot of nine the spell I bind.”

Gemma Gary
Traditional Witchcraft: a Cornish Book of Ways

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April 21, 2017 (Julian 111)

Irregular Oracle

April 21, 2017 (Julian 111)

Yesterday I forgot to address something important.  April 20th is the anniversary of Adolph Hitler’s birth in 1889.  Few historical figures can generate the kinds of reactions that Hitler can.  In keeping with my basic idea that astrology is not about “fate” but about “tendencies” and “opportunities” and “windows,” I would like to take a moment to make a few points from my vantage point.

  1. At least a few people have argued that Hitler was “created” by circumstances, especially the harsh treatment of Germany after World War I.  (I first heard this idea promulgated in a history class.)  The idea is simple: if Germany had not been treated so harshly, then the economic climate would not have been ripe for the rise to power of a dictator like Hitler.  (Maybe Ernst Rohm?  Would a gay Sagittarius Nazi have been as bad as…

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The Path of Initiation: Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition – Gnosis Denver

Gnosis is a cosmic teaching that aims to restore in each one of us the ability to live consciously and intelligently. One of the fundamental principles of Gnosis is that all Religions teach the same thing, they teach the Path to return to God (the Authentic Path of Initiation). And this path is present in the Kabalah and in the Tarot plates as well. God, for the Gnostic, is something which exists within, that every human being can connect with and access if they learn the methods to do so.

Something that we need to understand is that Kabalah and Tarot cards are not a game. They are a Symbolic representation of the Cosmic Science (the Science of the Union with God) which allows us to grasp the universe and our place in it. The Cosmic Science teaches us the path which will end all suffering. When we apply this Science to our lives, we can escape the laws of Evolution and become something like a Super-Man or Super-Woman.

But in order to do this, we must be serious about the work that is necessary on the Path to return to God (the Path of Authentic Initiation). This work is synthesized into the 3 Factors or the 3 Keys of the Revolution of the Consciousness:  Death, Birth and Sacrifice.

Source: The Path of Initiation: Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition – Gnosis Denver

THE GOLDEN HANDSHAKE: The Secrets of a Neophyte

In the ceremony of Reception, the candidate is instructed in the secrets of the Neophyte grade. These are the modes of recognition present in most mundane organizations and societies, as well as to other esoteric orders of this nature. It is common for students of the Order to spend much time studying other features of the basic rudiments of Occult science, and neglect the grip and word as mere `claptrap`not worthy of attention. Any attempt given to understanding the import of these symbols is not a wasted effort by any means, for they are in fact of great importance. Even a small amount of study by the new Neophyte magician will reveal why these are indeed considered to be `the secrets of the grade`.

Source: THE GOLDEN HANDSHAKE: The Secrets of a Neophyte

Hathor, the Turquoise Goddess Near the Nile | Ancient Origins

The shadow of Hathor is still present in many places related to the monumental history of ancient Egypt.

The shadow of #Hathor is still present in many places related to the monumental #history of ancient #Egypt. She was one of the most important goddesses near the Nile, and remains one of the best-known symbols of ancient Egyptian religion.

Source: Hathor, the Turquoise Goddess Near the Nile | Ancient Origins

Spring New Moon Ritual & Candle Magic

The Witch & Walnut

1New Moon again, time to light your candles, set your intentions and start fresh! New beginnings start here and time to let go whatever may have been holding you back. There are endless ways to honor the new moon, since we are entering Spring I like to add a little extra magic in my work for this Spring New Moon.

Spring New Moon candle ritual starts with grounding, renewal bath, meditation, reading and followed by candle work and an offering. Seems like a lot, but it can be as short or long as you like or altered to fit your schedule.

Its warming up outside, so why not start with grounding work. Stand barefoot and wiggle your feet into the cool wet ground and just let your roots grow and stretch out. If you don’t have an area to do that, its okay! Do it where you can at least…

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Harness The Powerful Moon! How To Make More Magic!

The Witch & Walnut

I’ve always been so fascinated by the magic of the Moon. As I grew older, I was taught the basics of the moon phases and how to use them in correspondence to daily life and ritual. The power and energy it has, its always there, just take what you need when you need it, and be grateful for it! Don’t forget to thank the Moon, leave an offering. The moon loves silver coins.

Most witches prefer to work on a Full Moon or the New Moon, but if you have no need to do any magic, you can just honor the moon through ritual.  However, depending on the type of magic you want to do you will want to wait for the right phase. Even if you are not the magical type or into rituals, its a good idea to understand lunar energy and know when to make decisions, changes…

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The Letter “G” in Freemasonry Signifies Gnosis | GnosticWarrior.com

On this page, you will find an audio podcast above, and also a video and the article below.

One of the most debatable Freemason symbols that you will find is the square and compass that is often depicted with the letter “G” in the center. It is this letter “G” that has garnished the most speculation from outsiders, and even initiated members of this Secret Brotherhood. In this article I would like to focus on what this letter actually symbolizes to help dispel the myths, and let you, the reader decide, if what I write is truth.

Source: The Letter “G” in Freemasonry Signifies Gnosis | GnosticWarrior.com